Aldgate Tube Station
      Eerie invisible footsteps that abruptly stop, unseen whistling and strange echoes are all sounds that haunt Aldgate underground tube station.

       So frequent are these phenomena that they are written up in a special log that is locked in the station office.

      Recorded also in this log is an account of an inexplicable episode that happened over fifty years ago:

       Working late at night on track maintenance, a workman happened to look over to his mate who was performing similar duties some yards away. To his surprise he saw an elderly lady softly stroking the man’s hair. He appeared to be totally oblivious to the woman by his side, and as she slowly faded from sight, he made an almost certain fatal mistake and received an electric shock of some 22,000 volts from a live rail that should have been turned off.

       Although knocked senseless he suffered no lasting damage and for the rest of his life held the belief that the old lady had ‘earthed’ or ‘grounded’ the shock and saved his life.

      His 'saviour' has often been seen since but she has never been reported to have interacted with the living to quite that same extent.

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Aldgate Underground Station
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004