Camlet Moat

      Camlet Moat, hidden away in Trent Park in the most northernmost part of London was formerly the 12th century private hunting grounds of Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex,

      He was a thief and extortioner, and altogether not a particularly pleasant individual. He was outlawed by King Henry 1st and was eventually slain by an arrow during the siege of Burwell Castle in 1144.

      On Camlet Moat there is reputedly hidden, a deep well with a treasure chest filled with de Mandeville’s plunder and loot. Everytime it has been discovered and attempts made to haul it up out of the well, the rope or chains supporting it break just as it reaches the top. Should one turn around at this point, you will gaze on the the spectre of Geoffrey de Mandeville in full armour watching malevolently and still guarding his treasure.

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Camlet Moat
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004