Highgate Cemetery

      Commissioned by the Victorians and built as one of seven private cemeteries, ringing the London of 1839, this necropolis has a reputation for various peculiar manifestations.

      A tall man in a black hat who walks through walls, a grisly ghoul, its gruesome face contorted in a ghostly ghastly grimace glaring through the gates with its bony fingers clutching at the rusted bars, and the ghost of Charles Augustus Howell, an agent who represented many well-known artists and writers of the late 1800's and was found murdered most horribly in 1890 with his throat cut and a gold coin hammered between his clenched teeth are some of the many phantasms reported to be haunting Highgate Cemetery.

      Many people have seen the apparition of a man dressed in a shroud who stares despondently and silently into space. When approached, he vanishes, only to reappear a short distance away.

      There have also been countless sightings of a mad old woman, dressed in grey with a strange serpentine quality to her hair, who darts at great speed from grave to grave, forever desperately searching in vain for the last resting places of her children whom she had murdered in a fit of insane violence.

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Highgate Cemetery
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004