Lesnes Abbey Woods

      The wispy wraith of Roesia, great granddaughter of Sir Richard De Luci who founded Lesnes Abbey in 1178, is sometimes seen here seeking her entombed heart.

      It was removed from her grave by her father and transported and buried at the Abbey to be worshipped as a relic in order to speed her poor soul through purgatory. Alas she now forever seeks to be reunited with it in order to move on.

      Nearby, in the woods, a cowled and hooded figure constantly watches from within. Beneath the hood there is no face. This was a monk, expelled from the Abbey and beheaded after being discovered with a woman. Sometimes on dark moonless nights he seems to be listening to the sounds of the phantom drumming of horse's hooves in the distance.

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Lesnes Abbey Woods
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004