Mitre Square

      These original ancient cobblestones in Whitechapel's Mitre Square are all that now remain, unmodernised, of Jack the Ripper’s hunting grounds.

       He would have walked and stalked this square looking for his next victim - the unfortunate local prostitute Catherine Eddowes.

       At 1.45am on the 30th September 1888 a Police Constable by the name of Watkins found her lifeless eviscerated body. She had been as savagely mutilated as the rest of his prey. At once a search started but all that was found was a piece of Catherine’s grubby, bloody apron discarded in the doorway of 48 Goulston Street a short walk away from the scene of the crime by a P.C. Long. The Ripper, as he then became known, had used it to wipe the blood from his knife blade.

       This was as close as the police reportedly came to apprehending the killer at this time...

       The apparition of Catherine’s lifeless corpse has, on occasion appeared on the ground lying huddled on the very spot she was so cruelly slain.

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Mitre Square
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004