Somerset House
      Once a palace for Queen Elizabeth I, Somerset House (rebuilt in 1775), and situated in the Strand is the scene of a rare occurrence - A daylight haunting.

      The phantom is none other than Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson KB (1758-1805), one of England’s greatest naval heroes. His ghost can be seen crossing the cobbled forecourt to the building that housed the Navy Board in the early nineteenth century. It was here in 1805, that he received his fateful orders regarding The Battle of Trafalgar.

       Feeble and frail with the empty sleeve of his uniform swinging by his side this apparition appears to glow slightly and trail a large wispy translucent cloud above his head.

      Should he be approached he will suddenly vanish as quickly as he appeared.

      There have also been sightings of an unknown ethereal female figure drifting desolately and silently down the corridors of the building.

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Somerset House
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004