St Paul's Cathedral
      This architectural masterpiece by Sir Christopher Wren was completed in 1710 and the 300 year old building lays claim to ‘The Whistling Ghost’.

      Many witnesses have claimed to seeing this apparition in the Kitchener Chapel.

      According to all reports, first the air grows chilly, then a tuneless, mournful whistling is heard as the ghost of an elderly shrunken cleric dressed in archaic clothing appears.

      The air grows even colder and the whistling gets louder as he glides across the chapel floor, always following the same route before vanishing into a nearby wall.

      Previously known as The All Souls Chapel, The Kitchener Chapel was renovated, rededicated and renamed after the great war of 1914-1918. During the building work a secret doorway was uncovered at exactly the same point in the wall where the ghost is seen to vanish.

      Upon investigation, a rickety narrow winding wooden staircase leading to a small secret room or ‘bolt-hole’ within the cathedral itself was discovered.

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St Paul's Cathedral
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004