Westminster Bridge
      1888 - Midnight, New Years Eve, and out of the foggy dimly lit murkiness on Westminster Bridge a shadowy figure looms into view, climbs onto the parapet and throws himself off.

       The next day the body of Montague John Druitt, a 31 year old barrister and teacher who had been, and still is, a prime suspect in the case of Jack the Ripper was discovered and fished out of the River Thames.

       While nearby Big Ben chimes midnight on every New Years Eve since then, Druitt’s ghost appears to some on the bridge and re-enacts his final wretched moments culminating with the leap from the parapet. Although many have claimed to have witnessed this supernatural incident - no one has ever described hearing or seeing any kind of a splash.

       Jack the Ripper was never identified or caught.

       Also observed has been a small boat carrying three hazy indistinct figures that is seen to sail under the bridge but never reach the other side.

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Westminster Bridge
Photograph © Anthony Bliss 2004